LED technology offers enormous benefits for many types of illuminated signage – but choosing quality components and ‘keeping it simple’ is the key to success, says national supplier, AUS-LED.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a simple and highly efficient lighting solution which is renowned for delivering exceptional brightness for the wattage it draws. Its reputation for longevity and eco-friendliness has driven significant growth in the LED sector, leading Melbourne-based lighting specialist Simon Dymond to search for a quality, value for money LED solution to deliver maximum benefit to his client base.

“LED is an energy efficient, long-lasting, bright and clean source of light and, while its benefits are sometimes exaggerated by suppliers who compare ‘best case scenarios’ for LED with absolute ‘worst case’ for neon other lighting solutions, it can provide significant cost, performance and productivity benefits for many applications,” explains Simon.

Simon’s search for LED solutions led him to an innovative product from US-based manufacturer, US-LED, now distributed exclusively in Australia by Simon’s company, AUS-LED.

“The high quality of the US-LED diodes, guaranteed colour consistency and a five-year manufacturer’s warranty on LED modules meant we could offer this product to the Australian market with complete confidence,” Simon explains.

“As well as exceptional brightness, longevity and cost-effectiveness, a key advantage of the US-LED system is its patented ‘Easy Connect’ system.

“Each diode housing features a positive and negative male plug, which can be connected instantly using specially designed connector wires featuring female plugs on each end, eliminating the need for tools.

“For example, in channel letter signage, where the speed and simplicity of laying a string of diodes inside the moulded letter shapes already makes it much easier and more cost-effective than neon, the AUS-LED product can speed assembly, improve turnaround and reduce labour costs, as well as allowing even the most complex designs to be configured quickly and easily.”

Importantly, the new product is backed by comprehensive technical support, both from AUS-LED’s team of specialists and the manufacturer, with the company even offering a specialist planning and design service to ensure the correct choice and positioning of LED components.

“Clients can send us their signage design and, within 24 hours, we will provide them with a complete electrical plan, layout and costings,” Simon explains.

Such comprehensive service and depth of expertise may seem unusual for a company which is little more than six months old, but in fact AUS-LED belongs to a group which also includes one of Melbourne’s oldest and most respected neon and illuminated signage suppliers.

Simon, himself a qualified lighting designer with extensive experience, is therefore in the ideal position to provide unbiased advice and information to the company’s growing client base.

“LED is not the answer for every illuminated sign,” he says, “but it can be an enormously effective, and cost-effective, solution provided you get the right advice on its suitability, keep it as simple as possible and invest in quality components from reputable suppliers.”

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